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Due To Different Product Specifications, You Are Welcome To Contact Us To Have A Quotation For Your Detailed Requirement.Our Company Undertakes Engineering Orders From Southeast Asia, West Asia, Middle East, South America, And Africa All Year Round. If You Have Any Questions, We Will Try Our Best To Solve Them For You.


Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, Very closed to Shanghai, China's second largest city.



You Can Find Us In The Following Ways:

In the 25 years

since 1994, we have established partnerships with more than 1,000 customers and thank our customers for their recognition of our product quality and service.

We offer not only

aluminum profiles, but also one-stop services such as CNC, rounding, stamping, welding, anodizing, hard oxidation, etc., to help you significantly reduce your procurement costs while providing more stable product quality.

If you have a product

that needs to consult the quotation, please send an email or call, our technical engineers and sales team will reply in time, or you can meet us face-to-face at the international aluminum industry exhibition in Germany or Shanghai every year.

  • Basic profiles: hollow beam profile; triangular;single radius, tubesand L-shaped profile;
  • building profiles: windows and door profile,Curtain profile;
  • industry profiles: heat sinks; pictuure frames; aluminum ladders; t slot; aluminum fance; led aluminum profile... ...
    *We accept your drawings to customize the mold,You are always welcome to communicate with our designers.


The Coronavirus has been controlled completely in China, all production and shipment already get back to normal.
In order to help clients defeat the virus ASAP, from now on, we will send 200-400 pcs free Surgical Face Masks to all our customers who can place any order with us at this critical time. If you want to purchase Face Masks separately, we can also help you.
Masks can be sent out to you by express in advance!

Get best quality from same price, and get the best price from same quality, CONSTAMRT Aluminum Extrusion is worthy of your choice! Fill the form now!

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